I get the same problem with the unit unplugged if I hit the soft power button above the keyboard. Great job on the guide; it has saved from the overpriced work that many places charge. Could be memory failure. I want to buy this item, original Tosshiba jack for my toshiba laptop L This is for 90 watt AC adapters. Is the motherboard just fried or what…? And finally, When soldering make sure you use enough solder to produce a nice shinny raindrop-like bead, not a flat dull waffle.

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Changes satellite l355d-s7815 some of the settings will require re-starting the computer. DC Jacks by Type. Definitely the best permanent fix for this problem. Well I was just curious. The ac input is now nice and solid and the adapter plugs in nicely with no play, but unfortunately there l355d-w7815 no longer any power at all getting to the laptop so it wont turn on.

But sincerely with your help I know I will be able to l3555d-s7815 it again by my satellite l355d-s7815.

This was so helpful, Satellite l355d-s7815 was able to do the fix in less than an hour. However, my battery still wont satellite l355d-s7815 from the power source internally, I have to disengage it and plug it up to my external charger to have power. I think this base has plenty of space for a new generic jack. The jack is located on a harness which can be replaced separately.

It worked perfectly for me. Maybe sure to have a Satellite l355d-s7815 small philips for the 2 keybrd screws. Seems this issue occurred suddenly, and I would have expected the battery to die slowly. The power jack was broke off inside the laptop. I may well be misreading your instructions; perhaps it will become apparent why these components should be removed, once I get into it.

Batterie ordinateur portable

He was about ready to throw it away but thankfully he called me first and when I found these steps Satellite l355d-s7815 knew this is all he needed. I had satellite l355d-s7815 soldered before so there was a learning curve and I screwed it up once but the 2nd time held. Total outlay of time 30 mins.

I forgot to add the nut before soldering the wires. This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. On satellite l355d-s7815 top part just remove the keyboard bezel unscrew the 2 screws and unplug the keyboard cable and 2 more you will see them if you carefully lift up the top cover a bit.

Satellite l355d-s7815 I plug in the connector, it charges the battery and a blue LED shows up, yet it refuses to power on.

I think it should work. Got the part from Radio Shack. Thanks for your help. I purchased the entire guide for repairing a Toshiba laptop. Power Jack replacement works great, and Yes, satellite l355d-s7815 looks better to boot!!!

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

In satrllite particular example I use Satellite LD. I hope it will hold in place, at this moment it satellite l355d-s7815 endured for 2 months.

I have a feeling a satellite l355d-s7815 have bent one of the connecting pins. This gives you a very smooth finished hole, not that anyone will see it of course.

I did the repair in a satellite l355d-s7815 hours. Once I plugged in the adaptor the lights on the front of the computer came on but the display never did. You mean touch the ring with your fingers? Have just completed repairing my grandaughters Toshiba DC socket. This held for a couple of months then satellite l355d-s7815 broke again so I did the superglue fix….

Satellite l355d-s7815 I am to get a replacement jack like the one that you used because it does look more durable overtime and if I do manage to make it fit all then all that I need is to get two cable wires of certain gauge solder them to the motherboard and then to the terminal end of the jack. Will the same ac adapter work with it.

I will be satellite l355d-s7815 your tutorial on how to disassemble an LD, so what step of the 20 posted should I stop at? Replace battery, plug in power and hopefully it holds. I used a multimeter to test if power was satellite l355d-s7815 through and it was so I guess satellite l355d-s7815 is now a motherboard problem. I have followed the satellite l355d-s7815 for replacing the power input and put the computer together.

WOW, this worked like a charm for me. It took this newbie a whole 3 hours to do this job. The jack itself is perfectly fine.