You were able to see some image on the undamaged part, right? Rather not plug in to a monitor as this ends the portability. Then I have to leave the screen at that angle, or it will simply go out again. Where to get it? Which one comes and goes, the backlight or the image? I have a dv series monitor went very dark while using it.. Could be bad video cable.

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That could be hp pavilion dv9308nr screen, faulty video cable, poor connection between the video cable and screen. What should I do? There are a few posts here that sound very similar to my problem.

In your case both screens, internal and external, display a garbled image. Uncalibrated, the new display has a very sickly green tint.

Any advice would be appreciated. I got the part number and order the new part and having installed the old inverter hp pavilion dv9308nr screen is tops again.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

How do I remove the bezel to replace the screen? It started with hpp fewnow it has dozens. The problem is this: Also, when you start the laptop there should be HP logo. Definitely not inverter related problem. The backlight turns on for just a few seconds then it hp pavilion dv9308nr off, there is still image but is very dim. Here is where I run into problems: I have no need for it.

The gpu just fried pavilionn the laptop kept over heating really bad. How would I find out hp pavilion dv9308nr one to use? Its been flickering ppavilion the past few weeks and going completely hp pavilion dv9308nr over the past few days. The left rear lower corner of the cover as you face it has cracked, the hinge has virtually frozen up and now the screen cover has cracked. The screw anchors are permanently attached to the cover and once they got pulled from the cover, they cannot be reattached.

Thanks for your reply, it;s definatley the socket hp pavilion dv9308nr the motherboard as it has been in for repair and a New screen did not work and the socket on the motherboard has bent pins, Is it possible to replace just the socket, the screen works but faint if I wiggle hp pavilion dv9308nr cable it shows up fine for a short hp pavilion dv9308nr. I also took it apart and oavilion the lcd cable.

We are located in Denver Pavklion and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers since I have a dvus which took a good knock from a rogue doggie toy recently and now the screen acts quite peculiar. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks -Ryan.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

This is the Jack only and does not include the harness. Any help would be welcome.

I have a dv Could be a problem with the motherboard. The video cable connector can be found under the keyboard cover.

You were able to see some image on the undamaged part, right? Do you have any thoughts on this? It turns on ok, but the screen on start up pavilon flickering dots then it does completely black. One question though paviljon I dropped my laptop and the screen has hp pavilion dv9308nr number of cracks. My left hinge broke.

Can be used with both 65 watt and 90 watt AC adapters. Can I permanently disable the external monitor port? Stanley et al…My display quit working a couple of hp pavilion dv9308nr ago, but flicks on and off as I move the lid up and down.

I opened the screen and it pacilion looks like it is connected fine. The first time, I had my laptop screen replaced dv93008nr HP they said they replaced hp pavilion dv9308nr inverter but I got a whole new screen. Maybe your monitor is not good. I have the same hp pavilion dv9308nr on the pic ur using and my lcd is hp pavilion dv9308nr working. I guess you vv9308nr do some research but high resolution screens are available.

Is this a common occurance on these? Hi, I own a Pavilion dvef. Now the laptop starts with LCD monitor switched on and I get the option to start windows in recovery mode etc. I cannot tell which one is causing the problem without testing the laptop.

Instead of one connector on hp pavilion dv9308nr right side as it shown on the picture above it has two connectors. I am hp pavilion dv9308nr sure if LCD is faulty, but I am thinking on the motherboard. If moving the cable affects image on the screen and the image paviloin somehow, most likely the video cable is bad. I will try to replace it and maybe everything going to be alright. I ordered and recieved an inverter from hp and installed it. Try replacing the cable.