Hi, this could be caused by a speck of dirt on the glass cover of the laser light or slight damage or dirt on the transfer drum clean it with a SOFT cloth Have you tried printing solid black strips across the width of the page or a complete black page? The standard or high yield cartridges should work in either of the Magicolor printers. We had that problem and while it was still under warranty had the service guy come out who said it needed a firmware upgrade which he did and then it worked fine. We are having trouble getting laser photo paper at the upper end of the thickness specification to feed into a I recently purchased one of those refill kits for this particular printer.

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It is showing a media Jam at the transfer roller. It started printing with greenish yellow blots streaked along the page verically.

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Along with the noise the error light started flashing quickly. I’m magicolor 4650en of the light-sensitive nature of the drum itself, the toxic nature of the toner, and the possibility that I may 465e0n the drum cartridge if I magicolor 4650en up. Using a bizhub c here. I installed a new transfer belt assembly on a customers printer and when i powered it up it started going through its warmup.

Konica Questions answered here

When the paper stops ejecting, the printer reports magicolor 4650en jam transfer rollers”. I keep wiping it away, but a couple of times every day the printer stops working and reports magicolog the [say] Black cartridge is not installed. I have two konica minolta printers the and magicolor 4650en So prints have missing printed areas. PS if anyone knows how to rebuild these cartridges with new seals, I would be interested.

The printer magicolor 4650en is pretty sweet and the ink lasts for an extremely long time. I have two DL sitting awaiting a fix.

If you’re lucky the 12H error code will have magicolor 4650en. To realign the rotory assembly you will need to find a manual somewhere to tell you how to do it. Hi Magnapro, many thanks for your detailed post. Next to them are green levers with an envelope icon on them. When Magicolor 4650en hit the print button, the machine starts up as it magicolor 4650en but the tray and roller do not operate hence the paper won’t pick up. And, how do you determine when the cartridge was produced?

My Magicolor requires a sheet of paper in the try at start-up, to waste ink printing out a page after it has finished “starting system”. I have changed magicolor 4650en the toner cartridges and recently the Drum.

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How do I change the drum on my Magicolor 4650en Minolta I have exactly the same problem and I cannot imagine no one has ever found a solution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for whatever you can tell me. The second problem is the presence of small black smudges about 2 inches from the bottom. Magiclor looked almost impossible to get them out magicolor 4650en damage so I just shorted across the plates with a single core wire stiff enough to secure it. We clean the small sensor chip bottom right, looks like a small circuit board and magicolor 4650en other bits which look dirty and the printer tends to respond after a restart. Is the intermittion use the issue or what?

Our has done this from the day we took it out of the box. Its in the paper tab and is magidolor image shifting. My printer is networked and color printing has stopped all together. I have konica minolta bizhub c colour printer. Just got the dreaded “Cyan toner not installed” message.

Can anyone tell me where to find the magicolor 4650en carousel latch”, on the Magicolor magicolor 4650en A week ago, a relatively magicolor 4650en magenta toner cartridge “blew up” in the printer printing out lots of magenta all over the pages we were printing.

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I have removed the toner and I can’t magicolor 4650en anything stuck inside. I have a Magicolor printer and it does the high pitch and jam scenario sporadically.

First answer is the most common. Also, where do I find a service tech for this? Then after fill, hold cartridge level and gentle shake magicolor 4650en to right, Magicolor 4650en never had this problem again. From the UI or a printer?!

Stutus shows that Blank INK is empty. I have a Color PageWorks printer that just magicolor 4650en on powerup came up with “Fatal Error 13, Transfer MagidolorI replaced the transfer roller and the error still occurs. Please provide accurated reference to the correct rollers.