It’s the old story. They all either take ages to do it, or else only do the channel you happen to be watching like those brain dead “smart” TV’s where you have to visit every channel to get an EPG. They interact over network ports, so that’s the next likely suspect. The remote with the 73e is useless for use with TM. Okay, I’ve set aside a spare computer running Windows 10 to experiment with. This describes my situation as well.

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On first launch after rebooting after installing, you are presented with an enter license screen.

Download – UpdateStar – 01

A lot of tuners can be dodgy if you have no driver for the latest version of Windows based on my experience. Maybe it wants some attenuation to kill off the extra strong, amplified, twin array, quad-shielded install.

I cant find it anywhere in my Domgle. Having a big screen, the TV window ends up being fairly small so Winfast dtv dongle gold bda device can do more than one thing at a time. After inspecting the folder, I’ve noticed it was locked by the program. I’ve decided to cevice for another TV tuner USB dongle and after some digging on eBay, I couldn’t find any cheap ones that were compatible with Windows Reading back on this thread I think there have been some alternatives mentioned, which I’ll definitely check out.

Well blow me down! Hope that was just a test, I can’t imagine free to air TV having 5 programs worth recording on the one night, it’s been going downhill quality of programming wise, for years. I am more than willing to pay for something that works well.

I plugged my second winfast dtv dongle gold bda device in to my desktop, so I can watch TV as well as surf the web, and neither Kodi or MediaPortal want to move to the second screen as they start up on the main monitor as full screen and can’t be windowed and then moved. The driver provider is from Leadtek, v I have one as well, but yet to have the chance to connect it to a Windows 10 box.

No remote, rare fullscreen, no playback of local video files, etc etc. They require some intelligence in setting up, but worth the trouble.

With newer software, this would use only one tuna. Sure beats buying the dearer ones and hoping for the best, only single tuner but fine for my use, the TVme media player picked up 46 channels while Total media 3.

MP4 depending on the file encoding.

Something basic is not there by the look. I’m after stability and usability. I don’t think so, Wyrm. The installed but I could not get any app to scan for channels with them. It seems to be some sort of ideological thing on behalf of Microsoft not winfast dtv dongle gold bda device include it, which is quite iniquitous, as many people have paid for it. I have 3 laptops, all bought second hand, that bdda pretty much identical. Currently waiting for my disk to arrive.

Download baros – daca maine 01 ioana

I have the latest only drivers supplied and successfully use this winfast dtv dongle gold bda device WMC. MediaPortal slid onto my Win 10 laptop with fewer problems than my Win 7 desktop, auto installed petty much everything it needed.

It takes a bit of effort to setup initially, but it runs with little bdx once setup correctly. Update your software and prevent problems No more missed important software dt Provided they have BDA drivers that work in windows 7, that is.

Work it out yourself. Too busy doing other things, hence why Yold is the answer. Argus actually has a really good install guide. Played around with Kodi last night on Win 7 but couldn’t get the client front end to talk to the back end.

I’ve been bloody flat out and going back in for another cystoscopy on the 19th.