I think getting a good kerf all around a piece of thick wood is a great trick for keeping everything aligned for resawing. Yesterday I realized that I really can’t be happy with a giant gap in one of the inserts for my pair of winding sticks. This was the hardest cut of the whole project, so it will be downhill from here. My Shaker side table in cherry that I made a couple years back. I’m hoping to get back to blogging about my brown oak Shaker side table once I can do some actual joinery.

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tools4arzb I decided to fix it. Zero tearout, and the skewers filled the holes perfectly. For center buttons, Tools4arab decided to use the quick and dirty hillbilly method inspired by Greg Merritt, which tools4arab bamboo skewers. That look doesn’t tools4arab on me anymore.

With the kerf cut, it tools4arab just a matter tools4arab sinking the saw in the tools4arab and connecting the lines. Or, you can get there tools4arab clicking HERE. The giant Dick tools4arab actually seems to cut fairly efficiently.

Later this year, we will have our third bi-annual event. Posted by Brian Eve at 5: The biggest lesson I took from that build was that wasting all that lumber was no waste at all. I have another gauge shaped nearly the same, and i really like it. The purpose of them is to give yourself tools4arab aiming point to center them.

Tools4arab it is only the Dick logo. The events we had in the past were so tools4arab fun, it really cannot be described. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll glue those two boards up to be bookmatched or one next hools4arab the other. One thing I have been missing while Tolos4arab trying to cut out some legs for the table is a pair of winding sticks. It is the Ryoba tools4arab is mm tools4arab, has a much thicker sawplate and larger, more tools4arab teeth.

Next up, resawing the aprons and ripping the legs! As I tools4arab, I also got a new marking gauge. Thanks Josef and Tools4arab

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My Shaker side table tools4arab cherry that I made a couple years back. I’ll try to keep this page updated as time goes by, so enjoy reminiscing about the past tools4arab, and look tools4arab to the future tools4arab. The tools4arab makes it easier to balance them tiols4arab use. Plus, the teeth are a lot bigger and the blade a lot heavier. If I tools4arab edge jointing a piece of wood and want to check for twist, I stick the winding sticks on the edge of the board.

I think getting a good kerf all tools4arav a piece of thick wood is tools4arab great trick for keeping everything tools4afab for resawing. All this resawing is the purpose behind my recent purchase of the giant Dick saw.

Namely, the ones from tools4arab blog, Jonas’ blog, tools4arab Pedder’s blog. They are far from perfect, but they will work until they warp too bad. So far, I haven’t seen the need for such a thing. My set up for kerfing my wood before tools4arab.

The narrowest piece will yield two nice resawn pieces wide enough to get the 18″ square top. I used fools4arab eggbeater drill, and after accurately marking the center point tools4arab each side of each stick, I drilled in half way tools4arab one side, flipped them and drilled the tools4agab of the way on the other.


I don’t know about you, but I had a tools4arab Christmas. This is a page that will stay up permanently on this blog. No humps or crazy saw marks! I had briefly thought of resawing the widest piece, to get a panel about 11 inches in which I would take the center of a three piece lamination to make tools4arab 18″ wide panel for the top.

I used an inordinate amount of lumber for that side table because Tools4arab tried to choose the best parts tools4arab the wood Tools4arab had in the perfect orientation for tools4arab piece. I decided to use it on this project.

Fixing ToolsshopTechniquesWinding Sticks. Unfortunately I have no picture of it in toools4arab state. The reason I bought tools4araab is I couldn’t get my Diston D-8 otols4arab I usually use for resawing in my suitcase, and I didn’t want to build tools4arab framesaw for the purpose before starting this project.

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Posted by Tools4arab Eve at The old one’s blade is mm long, and the new one is mm. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, tools4arba keep an eye out for an upcoming post on whether or not this saw does what I intend. Over time, the whole thing has tools4arab up nicely, and looks more tools4arab every day.

A few months back Tools4arab got a package in the mail. Tools4arab sticks toops4arab sycamore, with center buttons installed. Less work won out. Those tools4arab you who have used them before, what tools4arab your thoughts regarding a micro-adjuster on a marking gauge? This was a great little project, and a good opportunity to practice accuracy. I thought that perhaps instead of tools4aarb a kerfing plane, which I didn’t have, I could clamp my Dick saw an tools4arab distance off of my bench and run the wood past it.

I eventually decided tools4arab that, because that wide piece has the straightest grain and will make the best leg stock for the table. Tools4arab mechanism tools4arab robust at first glance.

Posted by Brian Tools4arab at 1: It wasn’t expensive, and I have some gauges similar to this new one toolsarab Veritas. The hope is that these two woods will contrast nicely for years to come.