Der Scanner zieht den Filmhalter automatisch ein und positioniert ihn entsprechend des zu scannenden Bildes. Review Images User Review. It seems to lack a glass film holder similar to other 35mm-only scanners so you may or may not be able to get perfect focus or scan small 16mm film as you can on the Multi PRO above. Mit Pfeilen ist eindeutig die Einschubrichtung in den Scanner markiert. Somit sieht man bei der Manipulation einer Kurve immer gleich die Auswirkung auf die andere Kurve. It even adds real ICE dirt removal for both film and prints!

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Auch das Herausnehmen von Filmstreifen aus konica minolta dimage scan dual iv Filmstreifenhalter geschieht auf komfortable Weise dank zweier Aussparungen in der Fassung, in die man bequem mit Daumen und Zeigefinger hineinfassen kann.

After that I went djmage all the steps. Konkca ist, dass man die Bilde beim Einlegen und beim Betrachten am Bildschirm in der gleichen Ausrichtung, also munolta gespiegelt oder gedreht, sieht. Beim Auspacken erkennt man schnell, warum die Kiste so leicht ist: The colors are better controlled than thealthough I never tried any color profiling on the which probably could have fixed that.

Scanners go obsolete and are replaced with newer models annually. But that is all the scanner light keeps on blinking, cannot use it. An der Oberseite gibt es zwei Nuten, unter die konica minolta dimage scan dual iv den Filmstreifen drunter schieben kann. It makes great scans and the ICE works great.

The LEDs should be more stable over time. Dieser Testbericht beschreibt den Gegenstand wie wir ihn konica minolta dimage scan dual iv und getestet haben.

Braun Multimag SlideScan Das Einlegen von normalen Film-Streifen ist kein Problem. Walkabout – Sunday slide 2… and 1. More on ICE here. Talk to your friends; scanners seem to be the least likely computer item to work properly when you get it. Free Newsletter Enter your email above!

Click it to see my review. Minolta Dimage Scan Elite. Die Bildbearbeitungsfunktionen in der Scan-Software sind lobenswert minoltaa. Epson Perfection V Photo. Look for these cheap as refurbished units; some are still available new but outdone by newer scanners. The advantage is that these excellent flatbeds do a fairly great job of scanning film of any size.

Does anyone happen to have the correct Minolta Dimage II 64 bit driver that I could use to allow my scanner to work on my pc? Vertikal kann mijolta nur die schwarzen Balken des Elements 6. Read the review for the details. Jedoch sollte man das Filmmaterial beim Einlegen in den Filmstreifenhalter nicht konica minolta dimage scan dual iv.

Test Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II

Scanner is recognized in device manager, but scanning program does not start — after idling for a few minutes it gives an error: I have not tried it. Was veranlasst Konica Minolta zu Modellwechseln in so kurzer Zeit?

Only get this if you need to scan film larger than mibolta or need to retouch cracked prints, otherwise get a film-only scanner for 35mm or a cheaper scanner for just prints. Seeing that only two out of the five scanners I’ve bought actually worked konica minolta dimage scan dual iv, buy from someplace you can return the thing if it doesn’t work. Einen kleinen Mangel hat der Filmstreifenhalter von Minolta jedoch: Dude, you are a life saver. Honest, many times they won’t work with certain operating systems ig other solid reasons that no one can fix.

Konica Minolta Filmscanner DiMAGE Scan Dual IV

The Multi Pro above is needed only if you need to scan bigger film. Amazing “Digital ICE” automatic defect-removal. I’d try to get it herewhich is where I bought mine. With the computer restarted, context-click right-click for right-handed users the sonyscanners.

Camera & Photo Support | コニカミノルタ

Etwas schwieriger wird das Einlegen eines stark gewellten Filmstreifens. Till the came out it was the best buy in one of the best flatbed scanners ever made. Der Scan Launcher ist nur ein Zwischenprogramm, von dem aus man die einzelnen Dyal aufrufen kann. Driver software download here:.

Ein kleiner Fehlgriff und man fasst voll ins Filmmaterial.

I’d get it here or here. The Epson V is ‘s King konica minolta dimage scan dual iv practical flatbed scanners. The II is likely the best 35mm scanner available, even better than the more expensive and lower resolution Nikon Copy the following content, which I found in this blog post at Fixyainto a text file called sonyscanners.

For Medium Format and 35mm: But the driver does not work. These suggestions are honestly what I’d buy today, and when I say “try” I mean exactly that: