I will try reseating the cables…it was very difficult to get the video cable inserted at first. Just in case, try reconnecting the video cable on both ends, on the motherboard and back of the LCD screen. Make sure both connectors are plugged correctly and secure. Dear sir i have compaq v laptop thir is i am problem faceing with display there is dim display on scree iwas repaced invertor but problem not solved, so kind help for this. It always re-lights if I sleep and resume or whenever I start an external monitor. This could be either bad inverter or faulty backlight. EB October 5,

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Dell Inspiron with vertical lines on screen. Dell inspiron screen blacks out when even slightly adjusting position of screen towards close or open.

I gatewat definitely test the laptop gateway mx8738 xp an external monitor. Please give me a piece of advise!

I have a wipro laptop. When logged in, the Start bar across the bottom is about 2 inches below the lip on the display. Everytime I power on my computer, the backlight works for few seconds. The display turns white. Ron October md8738, Ray December 19, Last year I had to replace his display gateway mx8738 xp it got broken. If I connect an external monitor the image is fine. Here is the second part of my story.

Gateway mx8738 xp u please help me? Lauren June 1, Restart the laptop and let it re-detect the adapter.

I had a Dell XPS for repair presenting following symptoms: I disassembled everything back and suddenly it started working again. Please advise what you think from this development.

Mx87388 can see a faint image on the display if I hold a flash light to it. The backlight stays on for a few minutes and then fails again. Apparently, the new screen gateway mx8738 xp Glossy and the old one was Matte. If you replaced both but still experiencing the same problem, gateway mx8738 xp could be related to the motherboard. Is it graphical card on motherboard … Thanks in advance …. Gateway mx8738 xp have since replaced the lcd screen following your excellent directions.

Tamal November 13, No im not installing factory drivers i have to find out then istall all i want to ask that this mxx8738 are not working because of new invertor?

When i was pluging the AC ADAPTER i was getting the same dim pitch black screen…so i reached gayeway conclusion that the gageway was bad…replaced gateway mx8738 xp inverter also and everything was working fine. Mark December 20, You can damage the inverter or kill the motherboard. I have a toshiba A Jesse September 18, New inverter did not fix and I was ready to order a new screen or back lamp.

How to test screen inverter

I would test the power adapter. When I boot the computer without an inverter connected at all it does the same thing as if it was connected and bad, dim screen. The unit has a docking station. It will freeze the image on the screen and warp it while it goes out.

TJ Shaw September 17, gateway mx8738 xp The inverter failure is very similar to the backlight lamp failure. Henry November 24, If you gateway mx8738 xp short something on the inverter while testing, gateway mx8738 xp can damage it.

Is this simply an issue with my screen inverter or with the wires, and is it fixable or not? The screen is now dark and the image on the screen is barely visible but still working. If you install a wrong screen you can fry the motherboard.

How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

Rnady December 5, Thanks for sp article. Do you think this points more towards the bulb or the inverter?

Hi, Nice site to stumble upon. I just found the screen by searching for Inspiron screen on Ebay, then made sure it matched up in terms of gateway mx8738 xp, resolution, and WXGA.