But what are the other options? Set up a new wds network with 2 wrt54gl routers DO NOT attach internet … just use as file transfer network.. I would like to inform you, this is still insecure. As soon as I plug the Ethernet cable back in the! I see i have asked lot of questions! Robert 9 Dec at For my AP and repeaters I am still using dd-wrt.

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To sum up my question, my network is identical to what is pictures smc2804wbrp g with the exception that BOTH routers have internet connectivity.

A router is a device on your network that is smc2804wbrp g between all of your home network devices and your Internet Service Provider, or ISP.

Doug 15 Dec at 8: I realize this post is 5 yrs old.

Smc2804wbrp g cannot possibly know every router, dmc2804wbrp point, firmware, or gui interface out on the market. Internet connections are RAIRLY unless you have your own fiber faster than 22mbs in smc2804wbrp g first place … therefore rendering your need for 2 connections null.

I also have 2 more client routers on wds mode but using sveasoft and works fine. You seriously blanked out your mac address?

Depending on the distance of the two routers from each other that strength will be variable. Thank you for your posting a complete project. I am sure you can get much farther links than that but i have not had a need for intermediate links… Smc2804wbrp g links are either short or long…. smc2804wbrp g

Radio to Connector Type Cross-Reference

You will not see an increase in speed… you will more than likely see a degridation in your speed… One final thought for you… your wireless will NEVER produce skc2804wbrp speed that is advertised on the router… your 54g router will NEVER produce 54Gb smc2804wbrp g a network…unless you are sitting next to the router smc2804wwbrp you wont even come close….

As far as I know…. I smc2804wbrp g your blog entry to the letter and it is great. Set up the vpn options and walla. Disable or remove any MAC addresses of routers not immediately adjacent to the router you are configuring.

SMC Routers

Smc8204wbrp it DOES, but it does so as a client. Unfortunately there is not ethernet jack near by and I would have smc2804wbrp g run a cord across my place. Will i be able to stream them smoothly to smc2804wbrp g laptop, which is in the other room and wirelessly connected to the 54gl?

You should check this list and try every combination on your router. Hi all — Firstly many thanks for the tutorial! I tried to use dd-wrt and freeman talisman Eventually they smc2804wbrp g fizzled out but the talisman.

Will this system work if both routers are connected to the internet? I have setup the WDS with two routers. This project was a fun and successful. Double-check all settings on both the host and client. I traded it for wrt54g but got stuck with a version 7 which smc2804wbrp g doesnt work! Smc2804ebrp now have great wireless smc2804wbrp g over my whole home. It smc2804wbp a bit more compatible in some cases.

I just ran into a situation this last week that i had to use talisman rather than smc2804wbrp g. Each router in the chain only connects to the adjacent routers. What else should I set to make it work? That being said… the only possible things I can think of right at this moment as I dont know the cisco software or the dir for that matter would be to make sure you smc2804wbrp g manually inputting the mac address from the WIRELESS mac not the wired mac into the opposite router for connectivity.

At this point both router are connected smc2804wbrp g ethernet cables to 2 mac laptops and both laptops show that they are connected to the wireless network in the top menu bar wireless indicator has 4 barsbut as soon as I unplug the ethernet cable from the smc28004wbrp connected to the master router the I loose my internet connection but I am still connected to the wireless network, i.

As long as zmc2804wbrp install the correct firmware on each router. Would using samba or nfs or ftp or some other protocol improve things note, i am a complete networking newbie!

When finally ddwrt, tomato, sveasoft smc2804wbrp g party firmware made it work right. I b not attemped anything over yards and that is an outside point to point link with no obstructions and with 15dbi patch antennas.

I just replaced it reflashed the firmware and reapplied the old config file to the new router… smc2804wbrp g and running in 20 min… Now…. JohnP 18 Sep at 3: Our home is single smc2804wbrp g with a fairly long floor plan from end-to-end. Think of your router as the heart of your home smc2804wbrp g office network.

Smc2804wbrp g followed these instructions; http: This access should not be via a wireless link but by an ethernet link. Sorry I could not have been more helpful…. I had a 54gl go down and fail to pass dns over smc2804wbrp g system.

If using 54g v7 or earlier. Earl Moore 4 Mar at 6: Leo Kroonenburg 25 Aug at You also need to pay attention to the NAS you get… I have had a couple of NAS and the bottleneck was at the nas for me… data transfer on those things are horrible… Unless it has changed in the last smc2804wbrp g, I would consider putting smc2804wbrp g a 1tb hdd on your xp box… sharing the drive and making sure you are using gb smc2804wbrp g in addition to your n…. It is for other purposes!