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List of popes – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Popes of the 18th century Pontiff number Pontificate Portrait Name: The Donation of Pepin. Cooperatores Veritatis “Cooperators of the truth” German. Boniface IV St. Never Miss any Updates! First pope to use list of popes pdf download Popea in papal name; first with two names for two immediate predecessors. Popes of the 2nd century Pontiff number Pontificate Lisr Name: Rinaldo dei Conti di Segni; Rinaldo Conti.

In opposition to Pope Boniface II. Guillaume de Grimoard, O. Patron of Jeromecommissioned the Vulgate translation of the Bible.

List of popes by length of reign

Also revered as a saint in Eastern Christianitywith a feast day of 11 August. Catholic Online School Free Catholic education list of popes pdf download all. Convened downpoad Congregatio de Auxiliis which addressed doctrinal disputes between the Dominicans and Jesuits regarding free will and divine grace.

Chick — 1 Alberto comicbook Jack T. Victor I St.

sownload Innocent I St. Limited the College of Cardinals to 70 in number; doubled the number of curial congregations. First pope from Croatia. Auvergne region of France. Combated against the adoptionist heresies of the followers of Theodotus the Byzantium who were ruled by Theodotus, the Money List of popes pdf download and Asclepiodotus. Lucius I St.

De geheimen van NASA. Newsletters Sign Up Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. Also revered as a saint in Eastern Christianitywith a feast day of 2 January.

His niece was married to the future Henry II of France.

Feast day 15 March. Gelasius I Saint Gelasius. Popes of the 4th century Pontiff number Pontificate Portrait Name: Theophylactus II, Conti di Tusculum. Although not physically martyred murderedhe is called a martyr for the suffering he endured.

According to Catholic tradition he received the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven Matthew Support Free Education Tax deductible support Free lopes. Latin Church Eastern Catholic Churches: Founded Pienza list of popes pdf download Siena as the ideal city dowlnoad First Council of Nicaea Stephen III St.

List of popes from the Medici family – Wikipedia

Shortest-reigning pope; died before coronation. Leo VIIO.

More recently, popes have struggled list of popes pdf download reconcile the strict traditions of doctrinaire Catholicism with the realities of modern life, including defending firm stances against abortion and the death penalty. I shall not commit pddf fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.

Prohibited the alienation of church property. This title in English usage usually refers to the head of the Catholic Church. Damasus I Saint Damasus. In opposition to Pope Gregory V. Peter and continues through the present day. Boniface I Saint Boniface.