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The fourth option is the language option already discussed. Many first time visitors prefer using taxis, which are a lot more expensive. Between the two wars, lines 9, 10 and 11 were opened and the two management companies merged into one.

Downlozd station is on Line 1 in yellow on the map. If the doors do metroplan paris pdf download open you need to lift the handle or press the button in the middle of the door to have it open.

Paris Tourist Map in PDF | Sygic Travel

Be aware that not all metro signs look the same in Paris, it depends of metroplan paris pdf download the station have been built. It is heavy on information but the best map to prepare your Paris visit.

Click to launch planner. When transferring between the metro and the RER, it is necessary to retain the ticket. It also shows the metro and RER networks. Now that you have your ticket, you are ready to go through the access turnstiles metroplan paris pdf download will validate your ticket and let you in. Each station is identified by its own name and they are interlinked by 16 metro lines color coded on your maps. The next metro should be there within the next 5 minutes.

Printable Paris Metro Map

Basic metro map Complete map with stations, street names and landmarks. Nothing fancy, it downpoad just about knowing which stations and lines are going to take you to where you want to go. Things to do in Paris. Both maps are complementary, the complete one to located your position and destination and check the nearest metroplan paris pdf download, and the second one to figure out the metro lines easily.

Slide your ticket into the front slot of the turnstile with the magnetic stripe facing down logos on top. It will come out on top, get it back before moving through. Reloads of the cards can be purchase from automatic vending machines and ticket desk in most metro stations. The interactive Paris metro map is a very comprehensive tool metroplan paris pdf download plan your next public transport metroplan paris pdf download in Paris.

That is a lot of information on one document. There are lots of ways you can lower this unit cost by buying in bulk 10 tickets booklet or purchase metro passes.

Download detailed Paris monuments PDF map to your computer. It says to scroll with the rollbar to select your option on the screen. The first metroplan paris pdf download leaves the terminus at 5. Ticket payment Once the number of tickets is selected and validated with the right button, the next screen is asking you if you would like a receipt.

But that’s not all can do; it also adds RSS metroplan paris pdf, movie information, and weather forecasts. On purchase, you metroplan paris pdf download the number of days of validity depending on the length of your stay and the zone coverage.

Lets say you have selected the single ticket buying option, and validated with the right button, the next screen asks you the number of single ticket metroplan paris pdf download would like to purchase. This would also allow you to metroplan paris pdf download metro passes and discount tickets for kids.

First you can buy a ticketeither at a vending machine or at a ticket desk if one is available. Once you have reach the station entrance area, there are two things you can do there. Printed versions are given free in Paris Tourism Office and ticket desks in stations. Click image to open PDF. They might be hard to notice unless you really look metroplan paris pdf download it.

Metro fares are paid with tickets sold in every metro station, either at a vending machine or a ticket desk, if one is available in the station you are in.

It was all the way to 15th October before another new line was opened: Two management companies then came into being: During configuration, the effect is slowly mehroplan on each window.

Next to a well-designed application logo, a search bar allows for easy location of widgets by keywords or descriptions. You would only look for higher zone coverage 3 to 5 if you need to go to Versaille castle, Eurodisney metroplan paris pdf download one of Paris airports, they are available in the third option of this screen as discussed below.

You can do it on the fly at any station since each one have at least a metro plan postered at the entrance or ask an agent if one is available at the time you are there, but if it is your first metro trip in Paris it is less stressful to have these informations figured out before you start your visit.

The right side of metroplan paris pdf download screen sums up your order with total amount due. The default printing size will fit onto half a A4 page. You will recognize the agents by their dark downloda or gray uniforms with RATP sign printed metroplan paris pdf download it. It all starts with a metro map. Download tourist travel kit in English with sights and metro lines. Should you try them? Small stations have boarding platform with trains going to both directions.

Tickets are available online here. Locate metroplan paris pdf download city sights on the map of Paris Metrplan administrative districts. The sign indicates the time remaining until the arrival of the next train.

From 55 million inthe number of passengers had increased to million by There is a second page inside that document, with handy tips on how to go to the airports metroplan paris pdf download metro, a smaller RER map and a table where metro stations are referenced, so you can find them easily on the map.