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Views Read Edit View history. Types and Grades This specification stancards the following types and grades: This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard. Helping Our World Work Better [1]. IFC Certificate Exam provides an individual not a corporation to be the certificate holder. It shall be permissible to furnish pipe having other dimensions provided that such pipe complies with all other requirements of this specification. To take the examination, you will need to set up an account downloar the exam website administered by test.

Of course, you must comply with applicable copyright and fair use law, upon which we offer no legal advice. Type F is not intended for flanging.

Optional Resources Not On Exam. Set up a test. Specification D is directed at civil applications, and maintained as such, but may be adopted for military, government or other specialized uses. You may want to have a basic pocket calculator on hand to assist with some very psf arithmetic calculations. The group developed a standard for the steel used to fabricate rails. To fill this education gap, the International Firestop Council developed the first comprehensive Firestop Special Inspection education cownload certificate program.

Once you start the exam, it cannot be paused or stopped. A group of scientists and engineersled by Charles Benjamin Dudley formed ASTM in to address the frequent rail breaks affecting the fast-growing railroad industry.

Online Exam After the completion of studies, to obtain proof of competence, an online exam is available. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application.

Such in-depth knowledge can help assure that the inspector does not overlook installed firestops that might provide inferior fire resistance.

Re-examination You must sign in to the same user account that you created for the first exam attempt in order to be able to use the reduced fee for the 2nd attempt. Publish Your Success If you wish to have the IFC publish your sfandards in an additional list that includes those who have passed the sandards AND received firestop product training from at least 4 firestop manufacturers, simply send a clearly scanned copy of your duly completed certificate to info firestop.

To receive notifications and registration links for future seminars, please join our mailing list.

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If you discover that one of the web links standardw is broken and unable to retrieve the specified document, kindly send a notice of this fact to: ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or up to date. The IFC 3rd-party inspector education and examination program is designed to help provide a broad range of knowledge necessary for inspectors charged with inspection of installed firestop systems.

Plan your study program: To upgrade your test certificate to a Premier Certificate as required by OSHPDtake a minimum 2-hour product and installation training course from at least four firestop manufacturers, and obtain signatures attesting to that fact, that will cumulatively cover all of the following product types:.

The payment is accomplished using downloadd “PayPal” service, which accepts all major credit cards, or which can use funds drawn directly from your own pre-existing PayPal account if you have one. Set up a free account prior to taking the practice test follow “Take Practice Test” link below.

Many people find reading printed material to astj easier than reading for hours from a computer screen. The certificate will be e-mailed to the e-mail address that you provided when you set up the test. It is highly recommended that you test your computer hardware and software for smooth functioning with the online proctoring service.

ASTM A6 pdf free download

This will be the same account that you would then use to take the actual exam, so be sure to tree the username and password that you have created. Post-exam hands-on product familiarization is an important additional element To fully meet the education and experience requirements as recommended by the International Firestop Council, the person passing the Test. These seminars are a requirement for dowbload seeking Intertek accreditation.

This is a standard set by the standards organization ASTM Internationala voluntary standards development organizations that sets technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services.

Note, however, that the timed nature of the exam will make it impossible to go searching for answers if you don’t already know where standarvs information specifically resides in the self-study references.

ASTM A6 pdf free download – Download All ASTM Standards Free

Familiarize yourself with the testing process. To stay informed of when and where those seminars are scheduled, please join our mailing list here. The material goes from basic to more involved, and from general to more specific. You can also dowhload back to review questions that you have already answered.

You will be locked out from being able to re-take the exam for 48 hours after the first failed attempt.

You can skip a question and return to it later. Continuing Education Cathodic Stwndards Basics Cathodic Protection is a corrosion prevention and control mechanism utilizing the properties of the electro-chemical corrosion cell. The latter includes academics and consultants. Engineering Judgment Guidelines Inspection Guidelines. These provide a useful complement to the online program.